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The website hosting professionals.

Site Host ProsTM offers full featured, reliable Linux Apache web hosting for professionals, businesses, corporations, enterprises and industry at affordable rates packaged in an easy-to-use control panel, allowing the customer the highest degree of usability from a hosting solutions provider.

Site Host ProsTM employs servers in the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, and Sweden.  These datacenters are high tech, high security facilities and each web server is monitored constantly, allowing Site Host Pros the reliability and the global reach to offer customers worldwide the Site Host Pros web hosting difference.

The Site Host ProsTM web servers employed are all multiple core processor units.  The control panel is custom tailored to providing their customers the finest web hosting experience possible.  popular open source web application scripts are preapproved and ready for deployment through a script installation wizard.  Many other scripts and web applications can be incorpoated into your website and without requiring programming knowledge.  And for the custom script programming minded, the popular programming languages php and Python are both fully supported in each web hosting account, along with MySQL & PostgreSQL database support.

Site Host ProsTM is a customer concentric United States based company that is small enough to care about their customers.  Proper Support is available to the customer 24/7 via email or telephone, and there is a generous help center, online FAQs and even a video help catalog available. 

Site Host Pros TM - Professional LAMP Platform Business Web Hosting


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